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About the book

Dart in Action introduces the Dart language and teaches you to use it in browser-based, desktop, and mobile applications. Not just a language tutorial, this book gets quickly into the nitty-gritty of using Dart. Most questions that pop up while you're reading are answered on the spot! OO newbies will appreciate the gentle pace in the early chapters. Later chapters take a test-first approach and encourage you to try Dart hands-on.

Dart is a web programming language developed by Google. It has modern OO features, just like Java or C#, while keeping JavaScript's dynamic and functional characteristics. Dart applications are "transpiled" to JavaScript, and they run natively in Dart-enabled browsers. With production-quality libraries and tools, Dart operates on both the client and the server for a consistent development process.

  • Dart from the ground up
  • Numerous code samples and diagrams
  • Creating single-page web apps
  • Transitioning from Java, C#, or JavaScript
  • Running Dart in the browser and on the server

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Dart in Action Cover
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About the author

Chris Buckett Photo
The author, Chris Buckett, is a Dart Google Developer Expert, and runs the dartwatch blog and BuiltWithDart.com.

He is a committer to the Dart sourcecode and has contributed to the main www.dartlang.org site.

Chris is also available to speak at Google Developer / Technology Groups or other relevant meetups about building applications with Dart.

Professionally, Chris is a Technical Manager for Entity Group Ltd in the UK, building enterprise software in C# and Java.

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